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Mastermind has been defeated but his right hand man, Lasser, is still out there and plotting for a way to bring back his master....
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 The Periodic Table of Elements

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The Periodic Table of Elements Empty
PostSubject: The Periodic Table of Elements   The Periodic Table of Elements EmptyThu Oct 24 2013, 17:52

A group started by the High Council to keep track of all Metal Guardians in the world, the files were destroyed not long after by a spy. But because Metal Guardians were considered "unnatural Guardians", they formed a group and each one gave up their birth names in place for an Element name. They then went into hiding, mostly in the Silverwood Forest and Clover Island. Instead of leaders, they have "Father" or "Mother" who are in charge of taking care of the whole group. There are currently 15 recorded members of the PToE, Copper being one of them.

Name: Clarence Carters
Age: 23
Species: Human

  • Bright orange hair that is slightly long at the back, spikes up
  • Dark green eyes
  • Light tan skin
  • Scars on hands, legs, and back from childhood/teenhood
  • Clothes consist of whites, blacks, browns, and greens

Copper is the most well known Metal Guardian of all and is recognizable from his piercings and bright hair. His behavior can be questionable at times, such as flirting at inappropriate times, but has shown that he is not to be messed with. Copper can be described as laid-back, childish, a flirt (with any species/gender), friendly, and stubborn.

Name: Brayon Clow
Age: 42
Species: Human

Name: Nathan Victors
Age: 170 (Looks 17)
Species: Fairy

Name: Sharron Vallen
Age: 20
Species: Human 

Name: Alan Sees
Age: 35,979 (Looks 35)
Species: Elf

Name: Codi Johnson
Age: 24,749 (Looks 20)
Species: Vampire

Name: Zen Smich
Age: 10
Species: Human 

Name: Timothy Tea
Age: 7
Species: Kitsune

Name: Xanth Rox
Age: 206 (Looks 23)
Species: Dragon

Name: Matthew Davidson
Age: 19
Species: Human

Name: Arron Thew
Age: 57,344 (Looks 57)
Species: Elf

Name: Rachel Baiday
Age: 15
Species: Neko 

Name: Clairesa Peary
Age: 130 (Looks 12)
Species: Dragon

Name: Cleaves Peary
Age: 99 (Looks 11)
Species: Dragon

Name: Taira McLeo
Age: 5,987 (Looks 5)
Species: Elf
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The Periodic Table of Elements
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